At least 50% of your total gift amount must be paid by the December 30th of the fiscal year and the balance is due in full by June 30th or close of the fiscal year renewal deadline.
All contributions to the Eagle Club go toward an unrestricted fund in the NCCU Foundation that NCCU Athletics utilizes to offset the cost of athletic scholarships. In addition to scholarship support, the Eagle Club strives to build and maintain facilities that not only offer a competitive advantage for our student-athletes, but also give our coaches the tools for recruiting quality student-athletes.
Either online or in consultation with our Development staff, you may establish a pre-approved payment schedule on a credit/debit card. At least 50% of your total gift amount must be paid by the December 30th of the fiscal year and payment is due in full by June 30th of the fiscal year renewal deadline.
Yes, at your request, a member of the Development staff will provide you with the forms necessary to draft your bank account. You may also increase the impact of your contribution through your company’s matching gift. When you submit your contribution, please provide your company’s matching gift form and the University will process it.
You may support the Eagle Club through contributions from your donor advised fund or your private foundation, but such contributions will not result in any tangible benefits to you or another individual. Federal law prohibits use of gifts from a donor advised fund or private foundation if tangible benefits, such as priority consideration for the purchase of tickets at an athletic event, are received. If you would like to support the Eagle Club and forfeit any benefits you would otherwise receive, please indicate your desire to waive such benefits in correspondence included with your contribution.
Yes, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows a deduction on contributions where there is no tangible or intangible benefit to the donor. However, if you accept benefits in exchange for your contribution, your contribution is 80% tax deductible. You have the choice to decline your benefits in order to be given 100% tax deduction, but must notify a member of the Development staff. You may consult with your tax preparer regarding the deductibility of your contribution.
The fiscal year for the Eagle Club is July 1 to June 30.
Anyone who makes a contribution to the Eagle Club of at least the minimum amount required as set by the Board of Directors may become a member of the Eagle Club.
The Eagle Club hosts an open meeting for all membership twice a year. All financial members of the Eagle Club are eligible to attend and vote on matters. The Board of Directors sets date, time, location, and agenda. Notice of the meeting will be sent to membership at least thirty (30) days prior to the meeting.
Any member of the Eagle Club who has been a paid member for no less than one fiscal year prior to election or appointment to the Board of Directors shall be eligible for election to the Board of Directors.
The Board of Directors shall have a maximum of twenty-five members, consisting of twenty-one voting members plus four non-voting ex-officio members appointed by the University (and not serving terms). The term of a board member is three years. All board members are limited to two consecutive terms.
The Board of Directors meet on a quarterly basis.
The NCCU Eagle Club is the lifeblood of NCCU Athletics. Your contribution helps the Athletics department fulfill its commitment to support the educational and life aspirations of over 300+ Eagle student-athletes. The annual funds generated by the Eagle Club address critical areas of need including increasing scholarships and facilities. With the cost to educate students and compete for championships at the Divison-I level continuing to rise, your philanthropic support is critical to our success!